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Meet your Therapist and Coach...

Staci Vanzant, LCSW, NBC-HWC graduated from Indiana University School of Social Work in 2004 with a Master's Degree in Social Work. She has been licensed in clinical social work (LCSW) in Indiana since 2008 and has since become licensed in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, California, and Florida.

As your therapist or Coach, Staci will be assisting by partnering with clients in order to create a plan that will put you on the path to cope and thrive. She will be working with you in setting goals to achieve your desires such as weight loss, career advancement and overall increased life satisfaction.

To expand her skills and to even better assist clients, Staci became a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach in May 2014 and nationally certified in September 2017 . She looks forward to helping others in achieving their hopes, goals, and desires.

If you have any further questions about available services or would like to schedule an appointment please feel free to contact her at (765) 315-9977.

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